Makhno – The Third Season

After his solo debut with 4 tracks on the Phonometak 10 (Wallace Records 2012), his first solo album under the moniker Makhno, Silo Thinking (2013), and the virtual 7” Nevadagaz / She’s Beyond Good and Evil (in cahoots with Hysm?Duo), it’s out now The Third Season, again as Makhno, and played, recorded and mixed as usual by himself. The 12” vinyl LP is produced by the labels Wallace Records, Neon Paralleli, Bloodysound Fucktory, Villa Inferno, Hysm?, Brigadisco, il Verso del Cinghiale, Xego Records, Onlyfuckingnoise and, as for Silo Thinking, Federico Ciappini (Six Minute War Madness) provides the only external contribution singing in Avevo cose da dire and Cerambice